Moygownagh Community Council

The Moygownagh Community Council is the umbrella body of the development groups situated in the parish and it is recognised by Mayo County Council and Government agencies as a vehicle for community development. A vital community is where members feel part of a greater whole, working together to create a better and sustainable environment for it's present and future in a landscape which respects it's past. Moygownagh Community Council is a parish-wide representative and elected voluntary committee whose role is to represent and agitate for and on behalf of the members of the parish, ensuring such a vital community lives and prospers in the months and years ahead.

Moygownagh Enterprise Ltd.

Moygownagh Enterprise was established by Moygownagh Community Council in 2000 in order to facilitate the sponsoring of a FÁS Community Employment scheme. The scheme employs 50 people who work locally in the parishes of Moygownagh, Kilfian, Crossmolina and Ardagh.

Partnership is the key to the success of community development at Moygownagh.  The approach of the Moygownagh Community Partnership is built upon co-operation, strategic alliance building and leadership.  This community partnership was born against a background of vision that is driven by the need to energise and create community activity for the betterment of the social and economic lives of the men and women of Moygownagh and the surrounding environs.