Connecting Ireland

In 2017 we commenced our most ambitious project yet – to connect a further 300,000 homes in rural Ireland to fibre broadband by the end of 2018. This massive network investment will help transform hundreds of small communities –enabling remote delivery of health, home security and education services, and access to world class entertainment.

It will provide seamless connectivity with loved ones and the means to market and sell to people all over the world. Farming stands to be revolutionised with dynamic new applications in farm management, and at a time of increasing city congestion and spiralling house prices, thousands will be free to choose where they work and live, helping to underpin the rural economy and to secure the future of our rural communities.

This transformation makes everyone in open eir proud of the role that we are playing in connecting Ireland. For our part we will continue to work hard on the immensely complex and challenging rollout of rural fibre.

Eavann Murphy, MD open eir

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Eir High speed fibre rollout plan for Moygownagh village (Map)

Eir High speed fibre rollout plan for moygownagh village